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I am the artisan behind Godhallacraft, my name is Pol. I was born in Barcelona in 1996 and still reside here. Since I was very young, I have been studying mythology, magic, sorcery, symbology, and history on my own. I work with minerals, polymer clay, wood pyrography, leather, and digital art for 3D printing. Apart from crafting, I also engage in historical reenactments with the arxcorpudeicordis group, where I give talks about the folklore and magic of our European ancestors.


is forever

the magic of the craftsmanship


The beginnings of Godhalla Craft go back to February-March 2020, during what has been, to this day, the best trip of my life to Edinburgh, accompanied by my brother Rafa. We planned a week’s vacation after spending long hours studying and working, intending to go to Amsterdam initially, but we changed our destination to Edinburgh, and it turned out to be the right choice. It is a beautiful city, with a unique magic, a mystical climate, and unparalleled nature. We spent a week exploring as much as we could, hoping to visit the Highlands, but a typhoon made the journey impossible…


One Wednesday morning during our morning stroll to the supermarket, we decided to take a different route back to the hostel and stumbled upon an artisan market. Until then, I had only participated in one fair as a 3D artist selling prints, such as the ram of Aries Ferrus, my medieval reenactment group.

I was amazed; everything was beautiful. The market had about six stalls, each exquisitely immersed in its culture. I could recognize Celtic, Nordic, and Pictish symbols. There were works in leather, jewelry, knives, wooden toys, traditional Scottish clothing (exquisitely crafted, by the way), and food. It was in one of the jewelry and artisan shops where I met Mathew, a very kind man with blue eyes and short white hair who, despite his advanced age, moved and interacted with remarkable fluidity. I approached him, and he said something I didn’t understand (probably in Gaelic), and my puzzled expression made him realize that I didn’t understand. His next word was “morning”…

 We chatted for a while as Mathew continued serving other customers. I was surprised by how quickly everything flew by; in about 15 minutes, he had sold one-fifth of his merchandise. He told me that he traveled from village to village in the Highlands during the week, collecting goods from artisans, and then sold them in Edinburgh and Glasgow at their respective markets. I talked to him about what I did and showed him the ram, and to my astonishment, he seemed genuinely impressed. He asked me several questions, and after that conversation, I bought a leather-bound book and an amethyst and onyx necklace…

I returned to Barcelona with a heavy heart; I didn’t want to leave Edinburgh or be separated from Rafa since he is from Castellón, and we see each other very rarely… Two weeks of happy changes for me were followed by the announcement of the quarantine… I remember the exact date, March 13th.

Many things happened; everything I considered essential in my life fell apart… But there is no dawn without night, and I am immensely grateful for that. It was the beginning of endless changes in my life and an evolution I would never have imagined. In mid-May, I received my first package of semi-precious stones and modeling clay, and I got to work. I realized that, unlike with my other jobs, I didn’t tire; I could spend 20 hours creating and still have new ideas and projects popping into my head. So I decided to focus 100%, especially after meeting two people who helped me break mental barriers and have faith.

The story continues, but not in this post. The first of many!