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Our forgotten magical world is bowing before you, waiting for you to remember the legacy of our ancestors that flows through your veins. It is in your hands to embrace it and take charge of your path.

What do we do?

craftsmanship inspired by Celtic's culture

We create craftsmanship with minerals inspired by Celtic, Nordic, and ancestral folklore cultures.

You will find necklaces, amulets, exclusive pieces, and much more!

Made With Love

granate opalo verde

We undertake a comprehensive study of the symbology, magic, and sorcery of our ancestors, working with the oldest lapidaries in our history. Our necklaces serve functions beyond mere aesthetics, rich with symbolism.



of the stones



What do we offer?

In this magical and artisan corner, you will find unique and captivating creations, born from the talent and passion of its creator, Pol. Pol was born in Barcelona in 1996 and still reside here. He has been studying mythology, magic, sorcery, symbology, and history on his own. This fascination has led him to immerse himself in a world of creative possibilities that he now shares with you through his works.

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