To name it they used the word ALU (ALE), being this for them sacred.
The brewing of beer was considered a magical act, being this result of the symbiosis between the human that puts the manufacture, the care of the cultivation, the elaboration and the consumption; the earth that acts as a mother and makes plants grow; and the forces of nature that generate rain and prevent the harvest from spoiling.
We have to understand that in the animist perspective based on exchange and interaction, this represented success since a whole took part.
They even considered their consumption sacred, being this important in the festivities and in their respective rituals, they were an offering for oneself, for the community, a form of expression and conjunction with the gods to which they were brought closer.
The brewing of beer was something very important, to such an extent that if the farmers did not meet the expectations in the orders for the different festivities, the farm could be expropriated from them and the privilege of brewing the beer was granted to someone else.
The word ALU was considered magical, representing divine intoxication, protection, success and it meant magic itself.
It was so important that it was used as a greeting something like “Good morning Pepe! Beer!”.