Garnet flower ring


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Adjustable size ring with a stainless steel base and garnets.

Garnet is a highly energizing and regenerating stone. It cleanses and energizes the chakras, inspiring love and devotion. It is very useful during times of personal crisis when it seems like there is no way out. Garnet strengthens, activates, and fortifies the survival instinct, providing courage and hope.

Roses are also linked to many legends, mostly related to love. Hence, the tradition of gifting roses to loved ones, which continues to this day.

In esotericism, roses have many uses and benefits, associated with rituals that not only attract love but also bring good luck, health, and prosperity. The rose is an emblem of purity.

The rose is characterized by its connection to feminine energy, the yin, just as there is the yang associated with masculine energy. Therefore, this flower enhances femininity and can attract the intuitive nature typically associated with the female gender.


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