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The witch’s knot is a magical symbol capable of creating and repelling spells, making it a protective amulet. It is a cross formed by four oval loops similar to a triskele, connected by a circle. Although it resembles a cross, it is not directly related to Christianity as it is a pagan symbol. However, it shows a strong resemblance to the sacred geometry of the flower of life.

This amulet is commonly used by practitioners of Wicca in the Celtic branch, suggesting that it originated from the same culture. It can be found in engravings on stones and ancient amulets. Indicating its use dates back thousands of years and is found in the regions of Europe where Celtic culture originated.

Lapis Lazuli can enhance dreams and physical capabilities. It brings peace, calm, and serenity, relieving stress from the body. It harmonizes mental, spiritual, emotional, and physical levels. It provides clarity and self-awareness in individuals.

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